Our Rooms

Here at Apple Tree we have four rooms; The Snug, Baby and Toddler Room, Pre-School Room and Physical room. Within our Baby and Toddler Room we have our 0-2 ½ year olds and in our Pre-school Room we have our 2 ½-5 year olds. There is interaction between the rooms to allow the children to learn from each other and become familiar with the whole nursery. In each of our rooms we proudly display a variety of the children’s artwork, photographs and creations to make a bright and welcoming atmosphere for both the children and their parents/carers. All children’s resources are at an accessible level to promote their independence by giving them the opportunity to select their own toys and activities. Our rooms have been purposely designed to allow plenty of natural light to enrich the environment throughout the day. We have controlled under floor heating and direct access from each room leading to the garden, otherwise known as ‘our classroom without walls’.

Baby and Toddler Room

This large, bright, spacious room offers a stimulating space for our youngest children to explore. It benefits from lots of natural light with space to give scope for free movement and well spread activities. Our aim is to provide a warm, safe and stable environment that will stimulate and nurture the needs of our youngest children.The room is divided into two areas; Caterpillars (6 weeks – 1 1/2 years) and Butterflies (1 1/2 years – 2 1/2 years). The use of a small wooden divide still enables the children to communicate and learn from each other.

The room has a variety of areas to enhance the environment and children’s experiences. The sensory area has a variety of natural resources such as wicker baskets filled with pine cones and shells. Brightly coloured Sensory bottles offer visual interest and stimulation whilst sensory bottles filled with a variety of objects such as rainbow rice and glitter offer gentle sounds, stimulating their senses and promoting their language skills, concentration and socialisation skills. Discovery bottles filled with coloured water and glitter offer beautiful movement and dispersement.We have a large creative area with media and materials such as pens, paper and crayons and chalks with chalkboards that are accessible to our youngest children at all times. A large construction area and home corner area give the children the opportunity to learn about the world around them and promotes their imagaination and scope for pretend play.

A variety of creative activities such as gloop, bubble play, flour and cornflake play etc are on offer everyday to give children the opportunity to investigate and explore. We follow your child’s individual home routine so that the transition between home and nursery goes as smoothly as possible.

The children are cared for in Key Families and will spend quality time with their Key Family on a daily basis ensuring a close and trusting relationship between, child, carer and their parents.

Pre-School Room (2 1/2 – 5 years)

Our pre-school room offers the children plenty of opportunities to develop their individual learning styles and skills throughout the day. The environment is enriched with tranquil sounds of the rainforest. The room has a variety of areas to enhance the children’s experiences. Our ‘Creation Station’ enables children to experiment and investigate with everything from paint and collage to natural and recycled materials creating their very own master pieces that are proudly displayed around the nursery.The Cosy Space is an area where children can choose to curl up with a story and have a little quiet time, giving them the opportunity to re-charge their batteries! Our little explorers’ are given the opportunity to explore and investigate shape, space and measure using our plethora of mathematical and science resources. Our iPads allow children to capture their work and extend their learning as they research the world around them.

Here at Apple Tree, we believe every child has a right to daily outdoor learning therefore this room has an adjoining outdoor free-flow area that is designed to be an extension of the room where children can enjoy activities in an open space. The children are cared for in Key Families; Acorns and Oaks.

The older pre-school children that make our Oak family participate and support each other in a variety of school themed activities eg they are given the opportunity to bring in their PE Kits to participate in dancing games where the children are encouraged to dress and undress independently in preparation for the transition to ‘big school.’

The Snug

‘Ssssshhhh…..’ This is an area that is is a quiet space where children can choose to curl up with a story and have a little quiet time. The room has an adjoining sleep room with cots and sleep mats allowing our youngest children to gain peaceful, undisturbed rest.

Garden ‘Our Classroom Without walls’

It is here the children can explore and develop their knowledge of the outdoor environment. Our garden is perfect for outdoor explorers! The children love to search for creepy crawlies in our small Nature Garden and look after our very own guinea pigs Wilbur and Elvis, the children learn to care for the animals at Apple Tree by feeding them every day and giving them lots of love and attention. Our cosy space with its very own apple tree is the perfect area for your little ones to wind down and have some quiet time or relax with a short story if they choose. Our large floor space gives us the perfect area to set up the balancing beams and stepping stones for the little ones who love to be physical! The Mud kitchen provides something quite different to a soil digging patch! Our mud kitchen includes elements of our much-loved home corner and cooking from indoor play, which are then hugely enriched through the special nature of being outside. We have a vegetable patch where the children can plant seeds teaching them that with lots of loving care and attention, from little seeds, great things grow.

Physical Room and Sensory Room

Here at Apple Tree we understand the importance of physical development and it has been recognised as a prime area of learning in the EYFS Curriculum.

The Physical Room gives children the opportunity to extend their physical development and gross motor skills in an indoor environment with the use of age appropriate soft play equipment, balancing beams, stepping stones, ball pool and our very own bouncy castle.

Within our physical room is an adjoining sensory room filled with beautiful coloured lights, tranquil music and sensory baskets.

This calm and tranquil space which enables children to use their senses is also a great place to escape to and unwind from the busy nursery room. This calm space allows children to relax and let their exploratory minds evolve by stimulating their brain leading to vast learning opportunities.

Sensory room

Sensory room